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No more junk roof leads and appointments.

Deal directly – and exclusively – with roofing clients in the market for a new roof.

The problem for all roofing companies trying to scale

How do I scale to new levels of profitability and revenue when the leads I am getting are:

1. Low-quality – leads that are "just looking" rather than "ready to buy"?

2. Not exclusive – other roofing companies are getting these same leads so we’re competing for the same customer?

3. Expensive – I’m paying between $100 and $200 per lead, for each one yet very few turn into appointments, let alone sales?

4. Not cost-effective – I have to pay staff to wade through what are mostly junk leads?

5. Slow, unreliable, inconsistent – simply not a flow of leads that I can rely on in the future?

We provide roof leads and appointments that are:

✔ Fully qualified – these people aren’t ‘just looking’, they’re ‘ready-to-buy’ and looking for someone to buy from
✔ Committed each lead is actually an appointment for you to carry out a roof inspection on their property
✔ Exclusive – only you get them, they’re not shared with any other roofing companies
✔ Unique – the lead is for your area, was generated specifically for you using your logos, colors, website and business name. It comes from a person who is looking to buy the exact services you’re selling
✔ Cheap to process – no junk leads means fewer working hours spent chasing and following up – so almost every sales call is a good call
✔ Quick and reliable – roofing customers are always there, we locate them and bring them to you

Who are we?

We are a specialist roof leads and appointments company that works only with residential roof companies – and only in the USA & Canada. We do not work with any other industry or in any other country.

We use Facebook ads to locate and attract motivated, qualified ‘ready to buy’ roofing customers. We provide these leads to you as exclusive, booked roof inspection appointments all in your company name.

We’re good at this – really good at this!

Roof Gen Media customers agree that our leads and appointments are:

cheaper to buy
quicker to close and
more reliable to supply

than anything they achieved via Google ads, website leads (eg Angies’ List, Home Advisor etc), radio spots – or any other kind of door-knocking, billboard or leafleting activity.

Those business owners have used our services to turn medium businesses into large businesses.

We’re experts at providing roofing companies with easy to close leads and appointments because that’s all we do. We do not work for any other industry.

If you are a roofing company owner in the USA we can do for you what we’ve done for them. And you’ll notice the difference from the very first week.

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